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While the book of Job touches upon many important themes, it doesn’t answer all the questions it raises. It provides insight into suffering and the human question of evil but leaves many questions unanswered, which can only be addressed through the entire Bible. So, it’s left for us to look through a dark mirror and understand that certain answers remain closed off in this world.
The book of Job doesn’t further focus on Satan’s role, even though he played a crucial part initially. But the Bible doesn’t leave us in the dark. It offers us a clear perspective on the victory in the Great Controversy—the heart of this victory is the Cross.
In many texts of the Bible, it’s evident that Jesus’s death on the Cross marks a turning point in this cosmic conflict. Through His death, Satan was revealed as the true originator of evil. Jesus, in His humiliation and victory over death, shows that the power of evil is broken. This event proclaims that redemption is achieved for all humanity.
The joy from the work at the Cross becomes a source of hope and comfort for us. Even amid the trials we experience through the Great Controversy, we can hold onto Jesus’ victory. His sacrifice opens the way for us to be liberated from sin and death.
When we go through trials of faith, when doubts and challenges surround us, it’s the remembrance of the Cross that gives us hope. Jesus has triumphed for us. His love and sacrifice pave the way for redemption.
Let us look at the Cross amid our trials of faith, at the work Jesus accomplished for us. It is the source of our comfort and hope that guides us through the Great Controversy.
May the understanding of the Cross strengthen us on our journey of faith and fill us with joy and comfort, even as we face the challenges of the Great Controversy.

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