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Dear readers,
In difficult times, we often seek explanations, a reason for the suffering that befalls us. Eliphaz, a friend of Job, was no exception. His words were infused with truth and biblical teachings, but timing and context made the difference.
While the Bible may teach us that our actions are determined by our nature, the art of empathy is equally crucial. The story of Job reminds us that there are moments when comfort and compassion outweigh well-intentioned advice. Our world is complex, and hasty conclusions can do more harm than good. Ellen White points out that our actions often depend on our own decisions. Yet, when tempted to respond with harsh words to others, we should remember the words: “Often those to whom they are harsh and severe are standing under the stress of temptation.”
Hasty judgments can blind us to the hidden struggles of others. The Bible admonishes us not to judge but to approach with love and compassion. Matthew 7:1–2 reminds us not to judge, so that we ourselves will not be judged. Romans 2:1–3 warns against self-righteousness, and 1 Corinthians 4:5 reminds us that God has the final word.
In the art of empathy, we learn that not everything true should be said at all times. Job’s story shows us that compassion often heals more than wise words. In difficult times, we need not a judge but a friend.
Kind Creator,
We come before you with grateful hearts after delving into the deep waters of Job’s story. In the highs and lows of his life, we found our own reflections.
Today, we pray for wisdom, especially as we walk with others through their Job-like messages. Let us master the art of empathy, where we speak not only with our words but, above all, with our hearts.
Teach us not to judge hastily but to see the suffering of others with eyes of love. May our words be like balm, offering comfort and inspiring hope. In the challenging times of our fellow human beings, let us not respond with instructive words but with a shoulder to lean on and a heart that empathizes.
We acknowledge that we often cannot see the depths of others’ struggles. Grant us the grace to restrain our judgments and instead create space for understanding and compassion.
May our love for you become visible in our love for others. Help us pass on your goodness and grace, especially when words fail. In the storms of life, be our anchor, and may your love shine through our actions.
In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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