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The lesson focuses on the motivation, preparation, and action steps for the mission in the Christian faith.
1 To Share the Good News:
The story of the women at the empty tomb highlights the power of the resurrection and the importance of having personal experiences with God before sharing the message with others. The motivation to proclaim the good news comes from the joy and gratitude for God’s work in one’s life.
2 A Prophetic Foundation:
Knowledge of biblical prophecies strengthens faith, illustrates the urgency of the message, and prepares believers for the fulfillment of God’s promises. It provides guidance in a world aiming for the fulfillment of these prophecies.
3 Waiting and Mission:
The lessons from the disciples’ waiting emphasize the importance of community, alignment, preparation, patience, and active engagement while waiting for God’s work. This time serves growth and preparation for the mission.
4 “Whom You Crucified”
The opportunity for forgiveness for those involved in Jesus’ death encourages personal salvation, motivates for evangelism, and calls for humility and gratitude toward God’s grace.
5 A Picture of the Early Church
The depiction of the early church highlights the importance of community, worship, teaching, generosity, and a focus on mission. It encourages living out these values in today’s church and guiding others in their faith journey.
In summary, this lesson emphasizes the significance of personal experiences in faith, knowledge of biblical prophecies, preparation during waiting, the universal opportunity for forgiveness, and the example of the early Christian community for contemporary believers and their mission.

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