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However, he replied to her, “You’re talking like one of the foolish women. Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?” In all this, Job did not sin in what he said. (Job 2:10)
The text from the Book of Job sheds a strong light on a topic often difficult to grasp: Why do the godly sometimes endure suffering and trials? Job, a man of exceptional faith and godliness, despite his upright conduct, had to endure trials and suffering.
The Book of Job reveals to us the depths of the great struggle between good and evil, between Christ and Satan. It shows us that this battle isn’t only distant but takes place in our world—a world often marked by mysteries and inexplicable suffering. Like Job, many of us have experienced life’s trials. We’ve been confronted with challenges that shook us, caused fear, and confusion.
Yet, amid all these trials, Job stood firm in his faith. Even in his worst times, when everything seemed lost, he did not curse God. He said, “Should we accept good from God and not trouble?” This attitude is an inspiration to us all.
Life won’t always grant us smooth paths. We will encounter obstacles that shake us and question our faith. But in these moments of trial, when pain pierces our hearts, we should recall Job’s steadfastness. We must ask ourselves if we are ready to accept both good and difficult times while remaining steadfast in our faith.
The devil is on this earth, and his presence is often felt through anger and suffering. Yet, let’s remember that we are not alone. We have the assurance that God is with us, that His comfort and strength are with us in the toughest moments.
May Job’s story encourage us to deepen our fear of God and to remain steadfast amidst life’s trials. Let’s support each other when faced with suffering, opening our hearts and hands to those in need of comfort and encouragement.
Prayer: Lord, in moments of darkness and suffering, let us remember Job, who held onto You despite everything. Grant us the strength, fear of God, and endurance to remain steadfast in life’s trials. Help us strengthen one another in love and bring Your comfort to those amid their own trials. Amen.

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