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The questions regarding our origin, the meaning of life, and our destiny after death are indeed fundamental questions that concern the essence of humanity. The episode in the Gospel of Luke, where a legal expert asked Jesus how to attain eternal life, shows the urgency and significance of these existential questions.
Though the legal expert might have come with the intention to test Jesus, he used the opportunity to touch the deeper thoughts of this man’s heart and the listeners. This encounter illustrates that despite potential initial doubts or dishonest intentions behind the questions, there remains a pressing need for spiritual truth and answers.
The emphasis on eternal life in the Bible is of great importance as it highlights the infinity and significance beyond our temporally limited existence. Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 15:30-32 underscores the urgency of eternal life by emphasizing the reality of suffering and toil in life and suggesting that without hope for the eternal, the situation of humanity would be the saddest.
The central questions about eternal life and the meaning of existence remain timeless and crucial for us as mortal beings. This encounter between Jesus and the legal expert reminds us that even behind possible skepticism or disbelief, there can lie profound yearnings for truth, hope, and a deeper meaning of life. Jesus used this opportunity to reach people, showing us that even amidst doubts and tests, the quest for answers to life’s existential questions is a journey that can ultimately lead to the discovery of truth and meaning.

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