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Series THREE COSMIC MESSAGES with Pastor Mark Finley |
Lesson 8: The Sabbath and the End  |
The Sabbath: Bridge Between Present and Eternity  |
In the eighth lesson, we delve deeply into the significance of the Sabbath and explore its role in the context of the end of time. The Sabbath serves not only as a weekly rest but also as a symbolic bridge to eternal rest and renewal. Through biblical scriptures and inspiring quotes, we will explore the profound connection between the Sabbath, creation, and hope for future renewal. This lesson invites us to see the Sabbath with new eyes and deepen its meaning for our spiritual life and eternal hope.
Memory Text: Ephesians 3:9 – And to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ.
8.1 The Judgment, Creation, and Accountability
Judgment, Creation, and Responsibility: The Moral Framework of Human Existence
The concept of judgment, creation, and accountability offers a profound perspective on human existence and morality. While the idea that life consists of mere chance lends little significance to life, biblical creation provides meaning and a moral framework for our actions. The judgment, as described in Revelation 14, emphasizes the responsibility we bear for our moral decisions. It underscores the need to make decisions in the light of eternity and in accordance with divine commandments. The connection between judgment, God’s commandments, and worship highlights that our fidelity to divine principles confirms our commitment to an obedient life and serves as a standard in judgment.
8.2 The Sabbath and Creation
Sabbath: A Symbol of Creation, Redemption, and Spiritual Identity
The Sabbath serves as a powerful symbol of creation and redemption, reminding us of God’s eternal care and love. In a world where the doctrine of creation is often contested, the Sabbath stands as an unwavering reminder of our relationship to the Creator. It symbolizes not only our rest in God but also the grace and redemption made possible through Christ. The Sabbath connects us to our spiritual roots and serves as a constant reminder of our identity as children of God. It calls us to deepen our relationship with God and to celebrate His goodness and redemption anew every Sabbath.
8.3 A Not-So-Subtle Deception
The Clarity of Scripture: Six-Day Creation and the Immutable Sabbath
The debate over the days of creation and evolution divides many, yet the biblical scriptures are clear in their statement. Psalm 33:6,9 and Hebrews 11:3 emphasize that God created the world through His word in an act of creation. The biblical account in Genesis speaks of six literal days of creation, followed by a restful Sabbath on the seventh day. The Hebrew word “yom” for “day” in this context clearly indicates a 24-hour period. The significance of the Sabbath on the seventh day would lose relevance if this six-day creation is not taken literally. Satan’s attack on the Sabbath and the authenticity of the creation story undermines the foundations of the Christian faith and paves the way for deception.
8.4 Creation, the Sabbath, and the End Time
End-Time Worship: The Seventh-Day Sabbath as a Sign of Loyalty to the Creator
The end-time message in Revelation 14 emphasizes the central importance of worship and poses the crucial question: Are we worshiping the Creator or the beast? Revelation 14:7 calls us to worship the Creator of God with reverence. In contrast, verse 9 sternly warns against worshiping the beast and its image, leading to severe consequences. Revelation 14:12 describes the saints as those “who keep the commandments of God and hold to the faith of Jesus.” The Seventh-Day Sabbath, as part of the creation account, stands as an immutable sign of our worship of the Creator and becomes the decisive distinguishing feature in the end times. In this final conflict between good and evil, love and loyalty to Jesus are expressed through obedience to His commandments, with the Sabbath serving as a symbol of worship to the true Creator.
8.5 The Sabbath and Eternal Rest
The Sabbath: A Foretaste of Eternal Rest and Renewal
The Sabbath serves as a refreshing refuge amidst the hustle and fatigue of our world. Abraham Heschel aptly describes it as “a palace in time” into which we enter every week to experience God’s presence intensively. Susannah Heschel emphasizes the significance of the Sabbath as a prelude to paradise and eternal communion with God. When we rest on the Sabbath, we experience a foretaste of eternal rest and the forthcoming new creation, as highlighted in the scriptures Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; 2 Peter 3:13, and Revelation 21:1. The Sabbath reminds us that the same Creator who made the world will also renew it, pointing to the hope and renewal found in Christ.
8.6 Summary
The Sabbath as a Foretaste of Eternal Rest and Renewal
Lesson 8 emphasizes the central significance of the Sabbath as a refuge and foretaste of eternal rest amidst a hectic world. Abraham Heschel describes the Sabbath as “a palace in time” inviting us to experience God’s presence. Susannah Heschel emphasizes that the Sabbath is a metaphor for paradise, preparing us for eternity. Biblical scriptures, such as Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; 2 Peter 3:13, and Revelation 21:1, underscore the Sabbath as a symbol of God’s creation and the coming renewal. The Sabbath reminds us of the hope for a new creation and renewed communion with God after the end of all things.

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