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Series THE BOOK OF MARK with Pastor Mark Finley  |
Lesson 2.A Day in the Ministry of Jesus  |
Calling, Teaching, Healing, and Prayer
Lesson 2 examines a day in the life of Jesus as described in the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark. We see Jesus calling his first disciples, teaching in the synagogue, casting out demons, and healing the sick. These events showcase his divine authority, compassion, and willingness to help those on the margins of society. Jesus’ prayer life is also highlighted, emphasizing the importance of spiritual strength. Overall, this lesson provides a comprehensive insight into Jesus’ multifaceted ministry and its transformative impact on the people around him.
Memory Text: Mark 1,17 – “Then Jesus said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men’.”
2.1 “Follow Me”
The Call to Discipleship: The First Disciples and Their Immediate Response
In Mark 1:16–20, Jesus calls his first disciples, the fishermen Simon and Andrew, as well as the brothers James and John, to follow him. These men respond immediately, leaving everything behind to follow Jesus. The Gospel of John offers more context, suggesting that these men had already been prepared for Jesus by John the Baptist, explaining their quick response. However, Mark emphasizes Jesus’ authority in his call: a simple “Follow me” is enough to compel the fishermen to abandon their previous lives and embark on a new path. This immediate reaction highlights the transformative power of Jesus and the disciples’ readiness to follow this power.
2.2 An Unforgettable Worship Service
Jesus’ Power Revealed: An Unforgettable Sabbath in Capernaum
In Mark 1:21–28, the people in the synagogue of Capernaum witness an unforgettable event when Jesus casts out a demon. The demon recognizes Jesus as the “Holy One of God,” affirming Jesus’ divine authority. This scene illustrates the contrast between the holy and the unholy and the reality of spiritual warfare. Jesus’ command for the demon to be silent, known as the “messianic secret,” emphasizes the political and spiritual significance of his identity. Ultimately, this account demonstrates Jesus’ undeniable power and authority, challenging people to respond to his message.
2.3 More Sabbath Ministry
Healing and Service: Jesus’ Help for Peter’s Family
In Mark 1:29–34, Jesus helps Peter’s family by healing his sick mother-in-law. She immediately recovers and begins to serve those present, demonstrating that healing and service are inseparably connected. Later, after sunset, many people flock to Peter’s house to be healed by Jesus. This scene highlights Jesus’ boundless compassion and willingness to help people, regardless of the time of day. The account teaches us that true healing through Jesus encompasses not only physical recovery but also the readiness and ability to serve others.
2.4 The Secret of Jesus’ Ministry
Prayer as a Source of Strength: Jesus’ Withdrawal and Focus in Ministry
In Mark 1:35–39, we see Jesus rising early in the morning to find a secluded place to pray. This emphasizes the importance of prayer in his life and ministry. Jesus’ continuous prayer shows that his strength and guidance came from his close relationship with God. His disciples found him and wanted him to continue healing people, but Jesus emphasized that his mission was to preach the gospel in other towns as well. This passage teaches us the necessity of regularly withdrawing to gain strength through prayer and reminds us to keep in mind the broader mission God has given us.
2.5 Can You Keep a Secret?
Compassion and Healing: Jesus’ Approach to the Outcast
In Mark 1:40–45, Jesus encounters a leper who asks for healing. Jesus shows compassion by touching the man, resulting in his healing. This action underscores Jesus’ willingness to reach out to the outcast and break their isolation. He instructs the healed man to tell no one and instead go to the priest to fulfill the Mosaic requirements. This episode shows that Jesus respects the Mosaic law while simultaneously demonstrating his healing and cleansing power over traditional purity laws. The healed man spreads the news anyway, complicating Jesus’ ministry but further revealing his authority and mercy.
2.6 Summary
A Day in the Life of Jesus: Calling, Teaching, Healing, and Prayer
Mark 1 describes a day in Jesus’ ministry, highlighting his calling of disciples, teaching in the synagogue, casting out demons, and healing the sick. Jesus’ call to the fishermen to follow him demonstrates his authority and their immediate willingness. In Capernaum, he reveals his power by casting out a demon, leaving the people deeply impressed. His early morning prayer underscores the importance of spiritual strength. Finally, Jesus shows compassion by healing a leper and breaking social barriers while respecting the Mosaic laws. These events illustrate Jesus’ comprehensive ministry, combining teaching, healing, and spiritual authority.

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