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Series THREE COSMIC MESSAGES with Pastor Mark Finley |
Lesson 13: Ablaze With God’s Glory  |
The Lamb of Redemption: God’s Unconditional Love in the End Times  |
In Lesson 13, we delve deeply into the Book of Revelation to explore the central symbol of the Lamb. This recurring image represents Jesus Christ and His sacrificial life and death for humanity. By contemplating this symbol, we are encouraged to better understand and reflect God’s glory and His unconditional love in our faith and life. The lesson invites us to clearly recognize and live out the central message of the Gospel amidst the complex apocalyptic imagery of Revelation.
Memory Text: Revelation 18,1 – After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory.
13.1 Preparation for the Final Crisis
Vigilance, Sobriety, and Divine Insigh
The Apostle Paul’s admonition in 1 Thessalonians 5:1–6 calls us to be spiritually vigilant and sober, especially concerning the last days of human history and the return of Christ. As “children of light,” we should not be caught off guard by the “darkness” that could unexpectedly overtake this day like a thief. Vigilance implies earnest prayer and spiritual attentiveness, while sobriety means recognizing the signs of the times and focusing on what truly matters. The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation offer us divine insight and attest that we can trust God and His Word, as He reveals the plan of salvation in advance.
13.2 Knowing the Truth
The Importance of Truth in Times of Error and Deception
Jesus’ promises in John 8:32; 7:17; and 17:17 emphasize the importance of recognizing and following the truth. He promises that the truth will set us free and that it is found in God’s Word. In a time when errors and false teachings are widespread, Jesus calls us to prioritize Holy Scripture over traditions and human doctrines. The messages of the angels in Revelation warn us against deception and lead us to the knowledge of God’s true teachings. It is crucial to firmly hold onto God’s commandments during these challenging times and to act through a living faith in Jesus Christ.
13.3 The Reformation Continues
God’s End-Time Movement and the Message of the Angels
The ongoing reformation is a central theme of the end-time movement that God has raised up to proclaim the unadulterated Gospel in a world of errors and traditions. With the Bible as its foundation, Christ as its Redeemer, the Holy Spirit as its driving force, and the imminent return of Christ as its goal, this people stand in the tradition of the great reformers of the past. The messages of the three angels in Revelation call us to continue this reformation work and to reach the world with God’s final message. The fourth angel in Revelation 18 carries this message with great authority to prepare people for the impending events and to bring God’s light upon the earth.
13.4 God’s Glory Fills the Earth
Character, Love, and Reverence in the End Times
The glory of God, which fills the earth, is closely connected to His character, characterized by love, justice, and selflessness. Despite Satan’s accusations against God’s righteousness and love, Jesus revealed the truth about God’s true character on the cross. In the end times, God calls His people to reveal His glory through reflected love and righteousness in their lives. Our good works and righteousness should not bring glory to ourselves but to God. The final message to the world is a call to reverence God and acknowledge His unparalleled glory.
13.5 The Lamb, the Slain Lamb
The Lamb at the Center of the Message of Redemption
The recurring symbol of the Lamb in Revelation is central to Jesus Christ, the Crucified. It embodies His sacrifice for humanity and His love manifested in His devotion and suffering on the cross. Despite the many apocalyptic and often disturbing images in Revelation, such as dragons, wars, and plagues, the Lamb serves as a constant reminder of the central message of the Gospel: redemption through Christ’s sacrifice. Emphasizing the Lamb in our teachings, sermons, and prayers ensures that the love and grace of Christ stand at the center of our message, inspiring us to compassionate and caring interactions with each other and the world.
13.6 Summary
The Lamb: Symbol of Divine Love and Redemption
Lesson 13 emphasizes the central role of truth and God’s character in the end times. Through the Bible and specifically Revelation, we are encouraged to recognize and reflect God’s true glory. The recurring symbol of the Lamb in Revelation stands for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for humanity. Despite the diverse apocalyptic images, the Lamb emphasizes God’s unconditional love and grace. The lesson calls us to anchor this understanding in our teachings, sermons, and daily lives to reflect the love and mercy of Christ in the world.

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