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Series THREE COSMIC MESSAGES with Pastor Mark Finley |
Lesson 1: Jesus Wins – Satan Loses
Triumph in Christ: Victory over the Forces of Darkness

In Lesson 1, we will delve deeply into the central theme of the spiritual battle between Good and Evil, with Jesus as the triumphant victor over Satan at the center. We will explore the various episodes where Jesus defeated Satan, whether it be at his birth, the temptations in the wilderness, or his triumphant victory on the cross. Through analyzing these biblical events, we will understand how Jesus not only overcame Satan’s power but also created the possibility for believers to live in his victory and overcome through him. This lesson will encourage us to firmly rely on the unwavering reign and victory of Christ as we face the challenges of spiritual warfare.
Memory Verse: Revelation 12:17 – “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”
Memory Text: Revelation 12:17 – And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
1.1 The Battle in Heaven
The Choice: Between Love and Selfishness
The battle in heaven, as described in Revelation 12, is a fascinating image of the eternal conflict between Good and Evil. It illustrates the reality of free will and freedom of choice that exist both in heaven and on earth. Every angel faced the choice to either choose God’s love or selfishness, and this choice has eternal consequences. Similarly, we humans are faced with the decision of whom to pledge our loyalty to. But the good news is that Revelation 12 shows Christ’s triumph in this battle, and we can simply align ourselves with his side, knowing that he will ultimately triumph. It is a privilege to stand on the side of the victor in a battle.
1.2 Satan’s Attack
The Triumph of Love: Christ’s Victory over Satan
Satan’s attack on Christ was relentless, yet in every phase of his life, Jesus demonstrated superiority over Satan’s temptations and malicious plans. From his birth to his death and resurrection, Jesus experienced the battle against evil and ultimately triumphed through his love and steadfast trust in the Word of God. Symbols like the dragon, the woman, the child, and the iron rod in Revelation and other scriptures illustrate the spiritual battle between Christ and Satan, as well as Christ’s victory over sin and death. Through faith in Christ, we too can be part of this victory and receive God’s perfect righteousness.
1.3 Accepting Jesus’ Victory
Christ’s Victory: Our Source of Strength and Hope
Accepting Christ’s victory over Satan is not just a theological truth but a life-changing reality for every believer. While the battle against evil continues on earth, we can be certain that Satan has already been defeated, and we have victory in Christ. Through his blood and sacrifice on the cross, we have the power to live as conquerors and walk in God’s grace. Our faith in Christ transforms defeat into triumph and sin into redemption, for through him, we are justified and freed from all accusations.
1.4 The Woman in the Wilderness
God’s Care in Times of Testing
The woman in the wilderness represents the church of God, which finds protection in the desert during times of persecution and testing. These verses in Revelation reveal prophetic periods that can be historically interpreted and show God’s continuous care for his people despite Satan’s attacks. During the Reformation and other turbulent times, God’s faithful people were preserved and strengthened despite severe persecution. These passages remind us that God always cares for and supports his church in the midst of trials and difficulties.
1.5 God’s End-time Remnans
Faithfulness in Crisis: God’s Remnant in the End Times
God’s remnant in the end times, his faithful church, is depicted in Revelation 12:17 as the target of Satan’s wrath. This church is characterized by its loyalty to Christ, adherence to his commandments, and willingness to suffer for its convictions. Satan will do everything to destroy them, but despite the impending trials, believers in Christ can have confidence. The final battle on earth will not be fought with weapons but with the question of our loyalty and faithfulness to Christ. It is crucial that we choose Christ and remain by his side, for through him, victory is assured.
1.6 Summary
The Unwavering Reign of Christ
Lesson 1 emphasizes Christ’s overwhelming reign over Satan. The Bible illustrates that Jesus emerges triumphant in every battle with Satan, whether it be at his birth, the temptations in the wilderness, or on the cross. These victories of Jesus not only demonstrate his divine power but also open up the possibility for believers to live in his victory. While Satan may attempt to gain control, the unwavering sovereignty of Jesus over evil is clearly portrayed in the Bible. Ultimately, this lesson encourages us to rely on the strength and victory of Jesus, even amidst spiritual challenges and temptations.

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