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The book of Job not only opens the doors to a heavenly dimension but also presents a fascinating connection between heavenly events and our earthly lives. It reveals how the great cosmic conflict, which began in the heavenly realms, manifests in the life stories of individual people.
The Great Controversy, as it commenced in the heavenly spheres, resulted from Satan’s rebellion against God’s rule, driven by his abuse of free will. Ellen White sheds light on this conflict’s beginning, citing scriptures from Isaiah and Ezekiel that describe Satan’s fall. His pride and self-exaltation led to his downfall, and this conflict continued on Earth in the events surrounding Job.
So, in Job, we witness a kind of microcosm of the Great Controversy. His life reflects the cosmic conflict in which evil and good, faith, and trial wrestle. Just like Job, we also face significant decisions in our lives. In these decisions, the conflict between the principles of evil and good is revealed.
To be confident in making the right decisions at these moments, we can rely on the promises of the Bible. In the Bible, we find solace, guidance, and wisdom that help us recognize the paths of truth. Whether it’s the assurance of God’s guidance in the Psalms, the promise of wisdom in Proverbs, or the pledge of protection in the New Testament letters, they all serve as anchors for our decisions.
The promises of the Bible serve as a guide leading us through life’s storms. They remind us of God’s care, His love, and His protection, even amid the trials and challenges we face.
May the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures guide us and illuminate our decisions, enabling us, strengthened by God’s promises, to choose the right path.
May God’s blessing and guidance assist us in every one of our decisions.

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