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Series PSALMS with Pastor Mark Finley  |
Lesson 7.Your Mercy Reaches Unto the Heavens  |
In this lesson, we delve into a central theme of biblical teaching: the boundless goodness of God. Through the exploration of Psalms, particularly Psalm 103, we discover how God’s goodness is manifested in His creation, His actions, and His covenant with humanity. This lesson invites us to recognize and appreciate God’s goodness in our own lives, responding by blessing Him and remembering His countless blessings. Let’s immerse ourselves in the abundance of God’s goodness, which stretches as far as the sky itself.
Memory Text: Psalm 57:9.10 – “I will praise You, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing to You among the nations. For Your mercy reaches unto the heavens, and Your truth unto the clouds.”
His Mercy Endures Forever

Psalm 136 calls for praise of God’s unwavering goodness, evident in both creation and Israel’s history. The refrain “His mercy endures forever” underscores God’s steadfastness to His people, showcasing His unmatched greatness and authority. The psalm concludes with a call for global worship of God, extending His mercy not only to Israel but to all creation.
7.2 Create in Me a Clean Heart
Psalm 51 is an impassioned prayer of King David, pleading for forgiveness of his sins and asking God to create a clean heart within him. David recognizes God’s grace as the sole remedy for his guilt, appealing to God’s mercy and faithfulness. He longs to be cleansed both externally and internally through divine forgiveness, desiring restoration to fellowship with God.
7.3 “If You, Lord, Should Mark Iniquities”
Psalm 130 reflects deep-seated guilt felt by the psalmist and the people, threatening to separate them from God. Despite the gravity of sin, the psalmist, grounded in God’s mercy and forgiveness, calls for hope. The plea for forgiveness and reliance on the Lord serve as sources of hope and comfort, involving the community in prayer and hope. Ultimately, hope in God’s redemption is described as the response to sincere repentance and expectation.
7.4 Praise to the Majestic and Merciful God
Psalms 113 and 123 reveal two fundamental aspects of God’s nature: His exaltation and His grace. While God’s exaltation is emphasized through the majesty of His name and throne above all nations and heavens, His grace is evident in His care for the needy and oppressed. These psalms encourage worship and praise of a God who is both exalted and gracious, motivating worship through both His glory and His love.
7.5 Forget Not All His Benefits
Psalm 103 reminds us not to forget the many blessings God bestows upon us. His goodness is evident in His faithfulness to His people and His mercy towards our weaknesses. We are urged to bless God by praising His kind attributes and remembering His covenant and blessings, responding with love and obedience. These verses remind us to daily contemplate the sacrifice of Jesus and seek refuge in repentance and humility at the foot of the cross.
7.6 Summary
Lesson 7 underscores the boundless goodness of God, manifested in His creation and actions towards humanity. Through exploration of various Psalms, particularly Psalm 103, we realize that God’s goodness knows no bounds. Students are encouraged to recognize and appreciate God’s goodness in their own lives, responding with gratitude and worship.

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