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Abraham demonstrates impressive hospitality in this Bible passage, illustrating many important elements of this virtue. Here are some aspects of his hospitality:
  1. Initiative: Abraham took the initiative to welcome the guests even before they arrived at his tent. This shows his willingness to embrace strangers and care for their well-being without waiting for an invitation.
  2. Politeness and Respect: He spoke politely to the travelers, addressing them as “my lords.” This respectful address demonstrates courtesy and reverence for his guests.
  3. Caring: Abraham offered the guests water to wash their feet, a refreshing gesture of hospitality in a dusty and hot environment. He invited them to sit under the tree for shade and rest.
  4. Feeding: He provided them with bread to refresh their hearts, indicating that hospitality not only fulfills physical needs but also aims to promote the guests’ well-being.
  5. Generosity: Abraham was willing to go beyond the basics by offering more than just water and bread, exemplifying comprehensive hospitality.
  6. Awareness of His Mission: This commentary also highlights that Abraham was aware of his missionary role. He saw an opportunity to convey the relationship with God and faith in Yahweh through hospitality. This shows that hospitality for Abraham was not just a social virtue but also a means to spread faith and fulfill his mission.
Overall, Abraham’s behavior in this Bible passage demonstrates how hospitality can be considered a noble virtue that fulfills both physical and spiritual needs and provides an opportunity to effect positive change in the world.

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