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– This week, Pastor Ted Wilson discusses Chapter 20 of The Great Controversy titled “A Great Religious Awakening,” in which the Advent Movement appeared in different areas at the same time. In Germany, Dr. Joseph Wolff, came to the same conclusions as William Miller in America, studying the same truths at the same time.  –
For 24 years, from 1821 to 1845, Wolff traveled extensively, sharing the message of Jesus’ soon return. He traveled to countries in Africa and Asia. He went to Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Persia, India, and more. In his travels, Wolff discovered there were people all over the world discovering the truth of Jesus’ Second Coming. Around the world, the convicting Spirit of God spoke to the hearts of the people. Many were led to search the Scriptures with new and deeper interest.
To learn more about “A Great Religious Awakening” and how it relates to our present experience, read The Great Controversy by Ellen White at https://greatcontroversyproject.org/ and join us next week for more.

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