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Lesson 13.The Triumph of God’s Love
Hope, Justice, and the Final Destiny
Welcome to the final lesson of our study on Revelation and End-Time Prophecy. In this concluding lesson, we focus on the ultimate theme of the Bible: the triumph of God’s love over sin, death, and all evil. We will look at the final events of world history as described in the Holy Scriptures and see how God’s plan of salvation and justice is brought to completion.
We live in a world often marked by uncertainty, suffering, and injustice. This lesson offers comfort and hope by showing that God is ultimately in control and that His plan for humanity and the universe will be fulfilled. From the intense period of tribulation to the Millennium and the final judgment, we see how God’s justice, love, and sovereignty ultimately prevail.
In this lesson, we will cover the following main topics:
  1. Hope in Difficult Times: How God’s promises and the return of Christ give us comfort and confidence, even in the darkest moments of tribulation.
  2. Preparation for the Tribulation: The importance of a deep, personal relationship with Jesus as the only adequate preparation for the coming trials.
  3. The Millennium on Earth: The symbolic significance of Satan’s imprisonment and the role of the righteous during these 1000 years.
  4. The Final Judgment: The ultimate destruction of the wicked and the full revelation of God’s justice.
  5. Two Eternities: The consequences of our choices and the two possible eternities – eternal life or eternal death.
Through the study of these topics, we will recognize the profound significance of God’s love, as demonstrated in His actions to save humanity and ultimately overcome evil. This lesson encourages us to remain steadfast in faith, trust in God’s promises, and live a life that reflects His justice and love. Join us on this journey to discover the overwhelming love and grace of God, culminating in His triumphant victory over sin.
13.1 Hope in the Time of Trouble
God’s Promises for the End Times
Read Revelation 22:11-12; Daniel 12:1-2; and Jeremiah 30:5-7. What events occur directly before the Second Coming?
The Bible passages in Revelation 22:11-12, Daniel 12:1-2, and Jeremiah 30:5-7 paint a clear picture of the events that will happen immediately before the Second Coming of Christ. These passages speak of a time of intense tribulation and testing that humanity will experience.
After the end of the period of human probation, an unprecedented time of trouble will begin, described in Daniel 12:1 as a “time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then.” Revelation 16 describes this period as the pouring out of the seven last plagues upon the wicked world. These plagues are reminiscent of the plagues in Egypt, but God’s people will be protected even in this scenario.
In Daniel 12:1, we are given a special promise: “But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered.” This refers to the “Book of Life,” in which the names of those who have remained faithful to Jesus are written (see also Philippians 4:3; Revelation 13:8; 20:12, 15; 22:19). Those who have kept their faith will not be blotted out from the Book of Life (Revelation 3:5).
These promises give us hope in difficult times. They remind us that God does not forget His people and that despite the upcoming trials and plagues, there is salvation and eternal life in store for the faithful. Our loyalty to Jesus and trust in His promises are the keys to standing firm during this time of tribulation and experiencing final redemption.
Read 1 John 3:1-3; 8:29; and 14:30. What is the only sufficient preparation for the coming time of tribulation?
The Bible passages 1 John 3:1-3; 8:29; and 14:30 show us that the only sufficient preparation for the coming time of tribulation is a deep, personal relationship with Jesus. This relationship is characterized by an unwavering desire to please Jesus in all things and to lead a life of purity as He did.
1 John 3:1-3 speaks of the great love the Father has given us by calling us His children. This love motivates us to purify ourselves just as Jesus is pure. In John 8:29, Jesus states that He always does what pleases the Father, demonstrating the deep connection and constant pursuit of God’s will that we should also aim for.
John 14:30 describes how there was nothing in Jesus’ heart that responded to Satan’s deceptions. We are to reflect this aspect of His character. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can lead a life marked by purity and independence from satanic influences.
During the time of tribulation, God’s people will have such a deep relationship with Jesus that nothing will be able to shake it. Their primary goal will be to please Him and follow His example. This close connection and purity are brought about by the working of the Holy Spirit in us.
In summary, the only sufficient preparation for the coming time of tribulation is to maintain an intimate and pure relationship with Jesus. This relationship is characterized by a life that constantly strives to please Jesus and reflect the purity of His character. In this way, we will be able to stand firm and overcome the challenges of the tribulation.
Read Psalm 27:5; 91:1-11; and Revelation 3:10-12. What comforting promises does God give us for the time of tribulation?
The Bible passages Psalm 27:5; 91:1-11; and Revelation 3:10-12 offer us deep and comforting promises for the time of tribulation. These promises remind us that God is our protection and refuge in difficult times.
Psalm 27:5 promises that God will hide us in His sanctuary in times of trouble and set us high upon a rock, a symbol of security and stability. This assurance gives us peace, knowing that God will protect us amidst the difficulties.
Psalm 91:1-11 speaks of the security we find in God’s shadow. Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will not fear the terrors of the night or the arrows that fly by day. This passage emphasizes that God’s angels will guard us and keep us in all our ways, giving us the confidence that we are safe in every situation because God protects us.
Revelation 3:10-12 promises that Jesus will keep those who have kept His word from the hour of trial that is coming upon the whole world. This passage also emphasizes that we, as overcomers, will have a secure place in the temple of God. This promise assures us that our faith and loyalty will be rewarded.
There are misunderstandings about the time of tribulation and the role of the Mediator. When Jesus ends His mediation in the heavenly sanctuary, it does not mean that we are alone and must rely on our own strength. Jesus has assured us that He will always be with us (Matthew 28:20). Our faith trusts even when we cannot see and remains steadfast, even when the world around us collapses.
During the time of tribulation, our faith will be strengthened, and our longing for eternity will grow. Our only desire will be to live forever with Jesus. These promises give us comfort and hope that God will never leave us and will protect us in all trials and difficulties.

The events and promises described in the Bible passages have profound significance for our daily lives and faith. They are not just predictions of future events but also offer practical guidance and hope for everyday life.
  1. Strengthening of Faith: The assurance that God protects and saves us in times of tribulation strengthens our faith and trust in Him. This motivates us to hold on to our faith in all situations, even when faced with difficulties.
  2. Daily Purity and Sanctification: The call to be pure like Jesus (1 John 3:1-3) and to please Him in all things (John 8:29) means striving daily to lead a life that aligns with God’s will. This includes prayer, Bible study, and striving for a holy lifestyle.
  3. Trusting in God’s Protection: Psalm 91:1-11 and Psalm 27:5 remind us that God is our refuge and protection. These promises give us courage and trust to place ourselves in God’s hands and rely on His preservation, no matter what happens in daily life.
  4. Maintaining Loyalty: Revelation 3:10-12 encourages us to remain faithful, even when trials and temptations come. This means being steadfast in our daily lives, keeping God’s word, and serving Him faithfully.
  5. Living with an Eternal Perspective: The hope of final redemption and eternal life motivates us to focus on what truly matters. It reminds us that our earthly worries and troubles are temporary and that we should work towards eternal fellowship with Jesus.
  6. Encouragement and Comfort: These promises offer comfort in difficult times. They remind us that we are not alone and that God is always with us (Matthew 28:20). Amidst suffering and challenges, we can trust in His presence and help.
By integrating these principles into our daily lives, our faith becomes not only a source of hope and strength in difficult times but also an active, living testimony to God’s presence and faithfulness.

Trust that God protects and guides you through all trials; His promises are your strength and hope, no matter what challenges you face.

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