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Series PSALMS with Pastor Mark Finley  |
Lesson 3. The Lord Reigns  |
This lesson explores various facets of God’s sovereignty and rule through Psalms such as 8, 97, 75, and 105, emphasizing the importance of God’s faithfulness to His covenant and the reliability of His testimonies, as outlined in Psalms 19, 93, and 119. The Psalms illustrate God’s love for creation, His role as a just judge, and the connection to His people through an eternal covenant. The reliability of God’s laws is highlighted as a foundation for security and stability, with believers trusting in God’s sovereign rule and anticipating the coming of His kingdom.
Memory Text: Psalm 93:1 – “The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength; indeed, the world is established, firm and secure.”  
3.1 The Lord Has Made Us

Psalms 8 and 100 underscore creation as an expression of God’s sovereignty and love. These texts clarify God’s dominion over nature, revealing His power and dignity. The Psalms depict God not only as the Creator of the world but also desiring a close relationship with His people, expressing His love and care. Ultimately, the Psalms emphasize the uniqueness of God as the only worthy object of worship and trust.
3.2 The Lord Reigns
The Psalm texts, especially Psalm 97, highlight God’s sovereign rule, clothed in honor, majesty, and power. Metaphors of clouds and darkness illustrate the sublime power and brilliance of the divine kingship. God’s rule is manifested in creation, salvation, and judgment, extending His kingdom over the entire world. Despite constant challenges from evildoers, the psalmist trusts in God’s sovereign rule and rejoices in faith for the coming of God’s kingdom through the redemptive work of Christ and its completion at His return.
3.3 God Is the Judge
The Lord, as a sovereign King, is not only the Creator but also the legislator and judge. Psalm 75 emphasizes the futility of the boasting of the wicked, as the Lord will judge the world and end the rule of evil. Images of a foaming cup and cutting off the horns of the wicked portray the irrevocable destruction of the evildoers. God’s judgment involves an examination of the hearts of people, with the righteous being freed and the wicked being permanently destroyed. While God is a forgiving God, He holds His people accountable for their actions.
3.4 Ever Mindful of His Covenant
God’s people find peace and assurance of redemption in times of judgment through God’s faithfulness to His eternal covenant. The Lord has established His dwelling in Zion and entered into a precious covenant with His people, actively maintained through God’s actions. Psalm 105 highlights God’s faithfulness to His covenant in the history of Israel, emphasizing that God was present in both good and bad times, leading His people through various challenges. Remembering God’s covenant requires not only awareness but also actions, with God’s people honoring Him, following His laws, and telling others about Him to manifest God’s protective covenant for the entire world.
3.5 Your Testimonies Are Very Sure
The Psalms, especially Psalm 19, 93, 119, 1, 18, and 25, emphasize the reliability of God’s testimonies. These testimonies refer to the laws and regulations governing religious and social life, known for being “very reliable.” The stability of God’s throne and the world is reflected in His laws, considered unchangeable and indestructible. God’s faithfulness to His promises and commandments is both reassuring and demanding, requiring trust and obedience. Those who adhere to God’s law find stability, security, and protection amid life’s challenges.
3.6 Summary
In this lesson, the sovereign rule of God over creation, His role as Judge, His faithfulness to the eternal covenant, and the reliability of His testimonies are emphasized. The Psalms illustrate God’s power, love, and relationship with His people. Despite challenges, believers trust in God’s sovereign rule and look forward to the coming of His kingdom. God’s judgment is portrayed as inevitable for the wicked, while faithfulness to His covenant ensures security and peace for His people. The reliability of His testimonies provides confidence and protection amidst life’s uncertainties.

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