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9.4 Eternal King of Unrivaled Power
Read Psalm 2; 110:1–3; 89:5.14–18 and 110:5–6. What do these verses convey about Jesus as King?
The examined verses from Psalms 2, 110, 89, and 110 present a powerful image of Jesus Christ as a King with unrivaled power and authority.
Psalm 2 emphasizes Jesus’ royal rule as the King appointed by the Father. His exaltation at the right hand of God displays His extraordinary honor and authority. Moreover, the psalm prophesies Christ’s ultimate victory over His enemies and the establishment of His unshakeable kingdom.
Psalm 110 underscores Jesus’ exalted position as both King and Priest. He sits at the right hand of God, wielding the scepter of divine authority. His reign will be universal, and His enemies will be subdued under His feet.
Psalm 89 acknowledges God’s faithfulness to the Davidic covenant and the promise of an eternal kingship for David’s descendants. Jesus is portrayed as the ultimate fulfillment of this promise, bringing blessing and joy to His people.
Lastly, Psalm 110:5–6 emphasizes that Jesus’ victory and reign will be accompanied by righteousness and grace. His rule is not tyrannical but full of love and mercy for those who submit to Him.
For us in the everyday life of faith, this means acknowledging Jesus as our King and obediently following Him. His reign extends not only over external circumstances but also over our hearts and wills. We can rely on His sovereign rule, even amidst life’s challenges, and look forward to the promise of His kingdom and righteousness. By trusting Him and submitting to His authority, we experience blessings and joy in our relationship with Him.
It is reassuring to know that in the end, good will triumph over evil, justice will be served, and pain and suffering will be overcome forever. In what ways should this truth comfort us now, when from a human perspective, evil seems to prosper?
The certainty that in the end, good will triumph over evil, justice will be served, and pain and suffering will be overcome forever, can offer us profound comfort in times when evil appears to prevail. Here are some ways in which this truth can provide comfort to us now:
  1. Hope and Assurance: Even when faced with injustice, suffering, and wrongdoing, we can have hope and assurance that these conditions will not last forever. The promise that God’s justice will ultimately triumph can give us hope that there will be a time when suffering and injustice will come to an end.
  2. Strengthening of Faith: In times of trial, the reminder that God will ultimately triumph can strengthen our faith. We can remember that God is sovereign and that nothing is beyond His control. This certainty can help solidify our faith in God and enable us to rely on Him in difficult times.
  3. Comfort in God’s Presence: Even when evil seems to thrive around us, we can find comfort in the presence of God. God is with us even as we walk through deep valleys. We can hold onto His promises, knowing that He is with us and will lead us through every difficulty.
  4. Encouragement to Act: The assurance that good will ultimately triumph can also encourage us to actively pursue good and resist evil. We can advocate for justice, stand up for the oppressed and marginalized, and oppose injustice and inequity, trusting that God will ultimately prevail.
Overall, the certainty that good will triumph over evil can comfort us, strengthen our hope, fortify our faith, and encourage us to actively pursue good. Even in the midst of difficulties, we can hold onto the promise that God will triumph in the end.

The connection between our everyday lives and our faith, especially regarding the truth that good will ultimately triumph over evil, is crucial. Here are some considerations:
  1. Hope and Perseverance: In the face of injustice, suffering, and inequity, we can draw hope from faith in the ultimate triumph of justice. This hope bolsters our perseverance and encourages us not to lose faith even in difficult times.
  2. Trust in God’s Sovereignty: The certainty that God will ultimately prevail reminds us that He is sovereign over all. Even when evil seems to prosper, ultimate control rests in God’s hands. This trust in God’s sovereignty provides us with security and peace, even amid challenges.
  3. Comfort in God’s Presence: As we navigate times of suffering, we can find solace in God’s presence. He is with us in our trials and carries us through them. The awareness that God never leaves us alone brings us comfort and hope.
  4. Action and Advocacy for Good: The conviction that good will triumph in the end emboldens us to actively pursue good and resist evil. We can advocate for justice, compassion, and reconciliation, knowing that our efforts are ultimately part of God’s greater plan for justice and peace.
Overall, the truth that good will triumph over evil demonstrates how inseparable our faith is from our daily lives. This certainty inspires us to have hope, trust in God’s sovereignty, find comfort in His presence, and actively work for the good.

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