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6.3 How Long Will You Judge Unjustly?

Read Psalm 82. What happens when leaders distort justice and oppress the people they are supposed to protect?

Psalm 82 conveys a powerful message about the responsibility of leaders to uphold justice and the consequences when they neglect this duty. The psalm exposes corrupt judges in Israel who, despite being referred to as “gods,” fail in their task to administer justice to the people of God.
The charges in Psalm 82, aligning with the laws of the Torah, unequivocally identify the “gods” as the human leaders of Israel. These leaders are rebuked for not fulfilling their divine calling to justice. The metaphor of leaders staggering in darkness without understanding illustrates their moral decline as they turn away from God’s law, the light.
Scripture further emphasizes that the Lord is the only God and shares His rule over the world with human leaders. Psalm 82 mockingly exposes the pride of some leaders who consider themselves “gods.” Despite the authority and privilege they have received as representatives of God, they are rebuked by God and reminded of their mortality and subordination to God’s moral laws.
The psalm concludes with a compelling appeal to both leaders and the people to follow the example of the divine Judge. Both leaders and the people are urged to place their hope in God and adhere to His moral standard. This message is timeless, reminding us that all individuals, regardless of their position, must give an account to God. The lesson from Psalm 82 is a call to humility, justice, and aligning with divine principles in our responsibility toward others.

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