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5.4 Has His Promise Failed Forevermore?

Read Psalm 77. What experience does the author go through?
In Psalm 77, the author undergoes a profound spiritual crisis marked by doubts and pains. Here are some key aspects of this experience:
  1. Lament and Pain:
    • The psalmist begins with a heart-wrenching cry for help to God, expressing their complaints and painful memories. Their soul is in mourning and unrest.
  2. Groaning in Remembrance of God:
    • The remembrance of God intensifies the psalmist’s sorrow. Instead of finding comfort, the mere mention of God seems to amplify their suffering. Their entire being is in a state of profound unrest.
  3. Doubt in God’s Immutability:
    • The psalmist poses disturbing questions that indicate doubt in God’s immutability. Has God changed? Can He break His covenant? These questions make the psalmist feel abandoned by God.
  4. Sleeplessness and Nocturnal Reflections:
    • The crisis leads to sleeplessness as the psalmist contemplates whether God has changed. Nocturnal reflections revolve around the past and the apparent absence of God in the present.
  5. Remembering God’s Actions in the Past:
    • Despite doubts, the psalmist recalls God’s saving actions in the past. Reflections on God’s wonders in the history of Israel strengthen their resolve.
  6. Encouragement through God’s Assurance:
    • The response the psalmist receives from God does not consist of specific explanations regarding their personal situation. Instead, God emphasizes His faithfulness and trustworthiness. The psalmist is encouraged to wait in faith on the Lord.
  7. Acknowledgment of God’s Mysterious Guidance:
    • The psalmist acknowledges that God’s footprints often go unnoticed. Despite the apparent absence of God, they recognize the mysterious and sovereign ways of the Lord.
Lessons for us:
  • In times of crisis, it is normal to feel doubts and pains. It is important to express these feelings before God and communicate honestly with Him.
  • Remembering God’s faithfulness in the past can strengthen us in difficult times and fortify our faith.
  • Even when God seems silent, we can trust in His assurances and rely on the fact that His ways are often hidden from us.
Overall, Psalm 77 shows a way through spiritual crises by dealing honestly with God, remembering His faithfulness, and trusting that God’s sovereign guidance is effective even when not apparent.
Think about past times when God has worked in your life. How can this truth help you deal with whatever you are currently experiencing?
The remembrance of past times when God has worked in my life can be a significant source of hope and comfort, especially when facing current challenges. Here are some ways in which this truth can be helpful:
  1. Strengthening of Faith:
    • The remembrance of past experiences with God’s work strengthens my faith. It serves as a testimony to God’s faithfulness and power in my life.
  2. Trust in God’s Character:
    • The experience of God’s work in the past reminds me of His character and promises. Trusting in God’s unchanging nature provides security and hope in uncertain times.
  3. Encouragement in Hopelessness:
    • In moments of hopelessness, recalling the past reminds me that God has found ways to guide, comfort, and support me. This encouragement helps me not to lose courage.
  4. Shift in Perspective:
    • Reflecting on past experiences with God’s work can help view current circumstances from a different perspective. It reminds me that God acts even in challenging times.
  5. Fostering Gratitude:
    • Looking back on God’s work fosters an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude helps shift the focus from current difficulties to God’s faithfulness.
  6. Hope for the Future:
    • The past is an indicator of God’s work in my life. This creates hope for the future, as I trust that God will continue to work in my life.
  7. Praying with Certainty:
    • Remembering past times when prayers were answered strengthens my conviction in the power of prayer. I can pray with certainty that God is effective in the present and future.
  8. Encouragement for Others:
    • Sharing stories of God’s work in my life can also encourage others. Testimonies can be a source of inspiration and hope for others facing challenges.
In summary, remembering God’s work in the past helps maintain a positive and trusting attitude, even in the presence of current challenges and uncertainties. It serves as an anchor of faith, reminding that God is capable of guiding us through difficult times.

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