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Lesson 4 emphasizes important spiritual principles and virtues that help us to further God’s mission in the world.
The text “The Gift of Hospitality” shows how Abraham practiced hospitality as a noble virtue through initiative, politeness, care, hospitality, generosity, and awareness of his mission. This teaches us how hospitality can bring about positive changes in the world.
In “Abraham Loved Everyone,” we recognize Abraham’s extraordinary love and compassion for all people, even those living in sin. This encourages us to cultivate charity and compassion and to believe in the possibility of repentance and redemption for all.
“Abraham’s Spirit of Prayer” highlights the power of intercessory prayer and the importance of love, compassion, humility, and persistence in our prayers for others. This reminds us that as Christians, we have a role as advocates before God.
In “Abraham’s Mission,” it is shown that our mission is to spread the Gospel, but not everyone will accept this message. This teaches us that we must respect the invitation to salvation while taking our role in proclaiming the faith seriously.
“Surrendering to God’s Will” underscores Abraham’s obedience and dedication to God’s will, even when the path is unclear. This challenges us to trust God in all life situations and submit to His will.
The challenge of reaching out to people in difficult situations and showing compassion illustrates how our faith and submission to God’s will can be translated into concrete actions.
Overall, this lesson highlights the importance of hospitality, love, prayer, mission, and obedience in our Christian life and how these principles can contribute to furthering God’s mission in the world.

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