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2.5 Restore Us Again
Read Psalm 60:3–7. In your opinion, for what occasions would this psalm be a suitable prayer? How can we benefit from this lament psalm even in joyful times of our lives?
For what occasions could this psalm be a suitable prayer?
  1. Times of Crisis and Need:
    • In situations where a community or an individual is affected by difficulties, tribulation, or threats, this psalm could serve as a prayer for divine help and salvation.
  2. Struggles and Conflicts:
    • The psalm might also be prayed during times of conflicts, whether on a personal level or in a broader context. The plea for God’s intervention and protection could be particularly relevant in such situations.
  3. Moments of Spiritual Upheaval:
    • When individuals feel spiritually oppressed or shaken, this psalm could serve as an expression of the desire for divine assistance and strengthening.
How can we benefit from this lament psalm even in joyful times of our lives?
  1. Remembrance of God’s Power:
    • Even in joyful times, we can use this psalm to remind ourselves that God is the one who sustains us and is in control. It can help prevent complacency and acknowledge the source of our joy and strength in the Lord.
  2. Compassion for the Suffering:
    • The psalm can remind us that there are always people around us who are suffering. Even in our happy moments, we should be compassionate and, in prayer, remember those who need help and comfort.
  3. Gratitude and Trust:
    • By praying this psalm in joyful times, we can express gratitude for God’s protection and guidance. Simultaneously, we can trust that, just as God has helped us in the past, He will continue to guide our future.
  4. Readiness to Assist:
    • Joyful times provide an opportunity to serve others. Through praying this psalm, we can also ask for the readiness to help others in times of need when the opportunity arises.
The Psalms offer a rich variety of expressions for our relationship with God. They can be prayed in times of both joy and sorrow, peace, or upheaval, reminding us that our dependence on God remains constant in all circumstances.

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