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Lesson 13: Wait on the Lord
The Power of Patient Waiting: Trusting in God’s Timing and Guidance
In the spiritual journey of a believer, waiting plays a prominent role. The Bible is rich in stories of people who patiently waited on God while facing life’s challenges. In Lesson 13, we will delve deeply into the theme of waiting in the context of faith, specifically focusing on the injunction “Wait for the Lord.”
The call to wait on the Lord is more than just passive inactivity. It is an active posture of trust and hope in God’s intervention in our lives and in the world around us. This lesson will encourage us to reflect more deeply on the significance of waiting and understand how it can strengthen and shape our faith.
By examining biblical examples of faith heroes who waited for God’s intervention, we will learn how waiting can be a transformative force in our lives. We will also contemplate the hope and promises given to us as we patiently wait for God’s action.
Ultimately, this lesson will encourage us to remain steadfast in faith, trusting that God is faithful, and remind us that our waiting on the Lord is not in vain. May this lesson help us to delve deeper into dedication and trust in our Creator as we await the unfolding of His plans.
13.1 The Call of Waiting
Waiting on God: An Invitation to Perseverance and Hope
Read Psalm 27:14; 37:7, 9, 34; 39:8; 40:2; 69:7; Galatians 5:5; and Romans 8:18–25. What do these verses earnestly request of God’s people?
These verses in Psalm 27:14; 37:7, 9, 34; 39:8; 40:2; 69:7; Galatians 5:5; and Romans 8:18–25 fervently ask God’s people for patience, endurance, and hope during waiting. They call for trusting God amidst uncertainty and difficulties, waiting for Him to fulfill His promises. This waiting is not passive but requires perseverance and a deep longing for God, akin to thirst in a dry land.
In Romans 8:18–25, the Apostle Paul describes the waiting of the entire creation for redemption and reunion with God at the end of time. This hope is a source of strength and comfort for believers, even when faced with life’s challenges. Paul reminds us that God is with His people even now, through the Holy Spirit, and that our waiting for the fulfillment of promises is ultimately not in vain.
As Adventist Christians, we are called to bear witness to the hope of the new creation promised in Christ. Our hope in His return is firmly grounded in the certainty of His first coming and the associated resurrection. Therefore, our waiting is not merely passive but an active trust and anticipation of the fulfillment of divine promises.

The connection between our daily lives and our faith, especially regarding waiting on God, is extremely significant. Here are some aspects of this connection:
  1. Patience and endurance: In everyday life, we often encounter situations where we need patience and endurance. Whether dealing with interpersonal conflicts, professional challenges, or personal goals, our faith teaches us to have patience and persevere even when solutions are not immediately apparent.
  2. Hope and comfort: Waiting on God brings hope and comfort into our daily lives. Amidst difficulties and uncertainty, we can cling to God’s promises and trust that He cares for us and will guide us, even if it requires a time of waiting.
  3. Community and support: Our faith community provides us with support and encouragement as we wait for God’s answer. Through prayer, mutual encouragement, and communal worship, we can strengthen each other and be reminded that we are not alone.
  4. Self-reflection and spiritual growth: Waiting on God allows us to reflect on ourselves and spiritually grow. We can recognize our dependence on God and learn to trust Him even when we don’t understand why certain things happen or why prayers seemingly go unanswered.
  5. Acting in faith: While waiting on God, we are called to act in faith. This means continuing to follow God’s commandments, serve, and advocate for justice and love, even when we do not yet see the complete fulfillment of His promises.
Overall, waiting on God is not just a spiritual exercise but also a practical attitude that permeates our daily lives, helping us to grow and mature in faith.

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