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1.5 Our High Priest
The High Priest of Our Trust: Jesus’ Intercession and Care Read
Hebrews 4:15-16 and 7:25. How do these verses give us confidence in a world full of temptation, suffering, illness, and death?
The mentioned verses from the Book of Hebrews indeed offer us profound confidence and hope, especially in a world characterized by temptation, suffering, illness, and death.
  1. Temptations and Human Weaknesses
    In Hebrews 4:15, it is emphasized that Jesus was tempted in every way just like us but without sin. This means He fully understands the human experience, including our weaknesses, temptations, and the struggle against sin. In a world where temptations are omnipresent and no one is perfect, this understanding provides us comfort and encouragement. We are not alone in our struggles; Jesus understands and stands by our side.
  2. Access to the Throne of Grace
    Hebrews 4:16 encourages us to come boldly to the throne of grace to find mercy and grace in our times of need. This verse reminds us that we can have a direct and open relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Even in our most challenging moments, we can find refuge, comfort, and help in God. The cross has opened the way to divine grace and mercy, and we can seek refuge and strength in His presence at any time.
  3. Redemption and Freedom through Christ
    Hebrews 7:25 speaks of Jesus as our advocate with God, who always lives to intercede for us. This means we are not solely responsible for our sins and mistakes. Jesus stands by our side to defend, guide, and strengthen us. His constant intercession gives us the assurance that despite our imperfections, we are loved, accepted, and redeemed.
In a world full of challenges, uncertainties, and suffering, these verses from the Book of Hebrews provide a solid foundation for our hope and confidence. They remind us that through Jesus Christ, we have a direct relationship with God, that we are understood, loved, and redeemed, and that we can find support and strength in our struggles and weaknesses. The cross stands as a symbol of God’s unconditional love, mercy, and the possibility of redemption, offering hope and comfort in every life situation.
Read John 17:24-26. What is Christ’s earnest desire in the great struggle between good and evil?
In John 17:24-26, known as Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Jesus expresses His earnest desire for His disciples and all future believers.
  1. Jesus’ Earnest Desire
    Jesus’ earnest desire in the great struggle between good and evil is clear and profound: He wants His disciples and all who believe in Him to be with Him in heaven. Jesus wants us to see His glory and partake in His love. His heart burns with love for us, and His greatest wish is for us to have the same deep relationship with the Father as He does.
  2. Significance for Us
    The fact that Jesus expresses this desire in His final prayer before His suffering and death shows the urgency and importance of this matter. It is an expression of His unconditional love for us and His intention to redeem us and unite us with Himself in heaven.
  3. Personal Relationship with Jesus
    Knowing about this earnest desire of Jesus should encourage us to build a deeper and more personal relationship with Him. We can come to Him as we are, with all our needs, fears, and worries, and ask Him for comfort, peace, forgiveness, and strength. He is willing and able to help us and accompany us on our journey.
John 17:24-26 reveals Jesus’ deep earnest desire for us to be with Him in heaven. Amidst the great struggle between good and evil, this is His heartfelt concern and the reason for His sacrifice and intercession for us. This text reminds us of Jesus’ unconditional love and care for us and encourages us to entrust Him with everything that moves us. He is our source of comfort, peace, forgiveness, and strength.
Why do you think Christ sacrificed Himself for us? What makes us so valuable to Him?
In my opinion, Christ sacrificed Himself for us because He loves us unconditionally and wants us to live in eternal communion with Him and the Father. His sacrifice on the cross is an expression of His boundless love, forgiveness, and redemption for us. Here are some reasons why we are valuable to Christ:
  1. Created in God’s Image
    According to the creation story, we were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27). This fact alone makes us valuable in God’s eyes and therefore also in Christ’s eyes.
  2. Meaning for Eternity
    Jesus does not want anyone to be lost but wants everyone to repent and have eternal life (John 3:16). He sees potential for a relationship with Him and eternal communion in heaven in each one of us.
  3. Infinite Love and Grace
    Christ’s love is unconditional and infinite. He loves us despite our mistakes, weaknesses, and sins. His grace and mercy are so great that He was willing to make the sacrifice on the cross to free us from the power of sin and death.
  4. Community and Relationship
    Christ desires a vibrant relationship with us. He wants us to know, love, and trust Him. Our communion with Him is so important to Him that He gave His life for us so we can live in this relationship with Him.
  5. Unique Plan and Purpose
    Each one of us has a unique plan and purpose in God’s grand plan for the world. Christ sees the potential in each one of us and wants to help us recognize and fulfill this plan.
Christ sacrificed Himself for us because we are valuable, loved, and of immeasurable worth in His eyes. We are His beloved creations, created in His image, and He wants us to live in a deep, loving relationship with Him that transcends death. His sacrifice on the cross is the ultimate proof of His love, grace, and desire to redeem us and unite us with Himself.

The connection between these profound theological concepts and our daily lives is immense. Here are some ways our faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us can influence our everyday life:
  1. Daily Hope and Confidence
    In a world full of challenges, uncertainties, and suffering, our faith provides a solid foundation for hope and confidence. When we feel overwhelmed by temptations, illness, or suffering in difficult times, we can cling to God’s promises given to us through Scripture. We know that Jesus understands us, loves us, and continually intercedes for us (Hebrews 7:25).
  2. Meaning and Purpose in Life
    Our faith gives meaning and purpose to our lives. We recognize that we do not exist by chance but that God has a plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11). This perspective helps us see our daily decisions, relationships, and activities in a larger context and align ourselves to follow God’s will.
  3. Community and Support
    Our faith community offers us a supportive and loving community where we can encourage, comfort, and support each other (Galatians 6:2). When we feel lonely, isolated, or overwhelmed, we can turn to our faith community and experience fellowship and love there.
  4. Responsibility and Ethics
    Our faith in Jesus and His teachings guide us in our ethical and moral behavior. The principles of love for neighbor, forgiveness, mercy, and justice taught to us by Jesus inspire us to lead a life that serves others and reflects God’s kingdom on earth (Matthew 5-7).
  5. Personal Relationship with God
    Our faith encourages us to build and maintain a personal relationship with God. This means that we can talk to God, seek His guidance, and let Him lead us in our daily lives. This relationship gives us comfort, peace, and strength in all life situations.
In summary, our faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us influences every aspect of our lives. He offers us hope, meaning, community, ethical guidance, and a deep personal relationship with God. In a world full of uncertainties and challenges, our faith is an unwavering source of confidence and comfort.

Jesus, our High Priest, stands by our side as an advocate and protector, understanding our human weaknesses and concerns, and offering us access to divine grace and mercy, giving us hope and comfort amidst all the temptations and sufferings of life.

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