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Series THREE COSMIC MESSAGES with Pastor Mark Finley |
Lesson 4: Fear God and Give Him Glory
Godly Fear, Obedience, and Victory
In Lesson 4, we will explore the significance of godly fear and glorifying God according to the Book of Revelation. This lesson focuses on how faith in Jesus Christ and adherence to His commandments can make us overcomers. We will delve into the connection between godly fear, obedience, and testimony for Jesus Christ, understanding how these principles can help us remain steadfast in a world of temptations and challenges. Let’s dive in and discover how we can remain faithful during this end-time period.
Memory Text: Revelation 14:12 – Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.
4.1 Fear God

Godly Fear: The Attitude of Humility and Devotion in the End Times
The call to fear God is not a call to fear but to reverence and submission to His will. In Revelation, this attitude is portrayed as essential for preparing for Jesus’ return. It’s about prioritizing God in our lives and humbly submitting to Him. This mindset contrasts with Lucifer’s selfishness and emphasizes the importance of submitting to God’s authority. Ultimately, it’s a foundational attitude that prepares us for the pivotal events of the end times and encourages us to trust God in everything.
4.2 Fearing and Obeying God
The Importance of Grace in Obedience
The biblical scriptures highlight the close connection between fearing God and obeying His commandments. This attitude of reverent respect leads us to obedience, showing that grace does not exempt us from our responsibility to obey God’s commands. Grace’s liberation not only frees us from our past sins but also enables us to live a life of obedience aligned with His will. It’s a misconception to believe that salvation by grace negates God’s law; on the contrary, it empowers us to live in obedience and embody the truth of the gospel.
4.3 Living a God-Centered Life
The Challenge of God-Centeredness: Refocusing Our Focus
In a time when self-centeredness and consumerism prevail, Revelation calls us to make God the center of our lives. This means turning away from selfish goals and transient values, and instead fearing, respecting, and honoring God. This attitude requires a conscious decision to focus our thoughts on heavenly things and take Jesus Christ as a model for our thinking and actions. By making God the center of our lives, we acknowledge His authority and give Him the honor He deserves.
4.4 Giving Glory to God
Reflecting God’s Glory in Every Aspect of Life
The idea of giving glory to God is a central aspect of the Christian faith emphasized in the Scriptures. The Old Testament use of this concept in the context of divine judgment underscores the importance of glorifying God in everything. Our bodies are considered temples of the Holy Spirit, meaning every decision and action should aim to glorify God. The apostle Paul’s call to offer our entire lifestyle as worship challenges us to reflect God’s glory in everything we do. This call gains even greater significance against the backdrop of the end-time judgment of the earth.
4.5 Revelation’s Overcomers 
Triumphant Faith: The Overcomers of Revelation
The overcomers of Revelation are God’s faithful people in the end times, who preserve both God’s commandments and faith in Jesus. Their faith in Jesus is not just simple belief but a quality that enables them to face life’s challenges like Jesus Himself. Through the power of the living Christ working in them, they can overcome and be victorious. Jesus, our advocate with God, enables us to overcome through trust, worship, and faith in Him. The message of Revelation proclaims a victory through Jesus Christ and reminds us that through His grace and power, overcoming is possible.
4.6 Summary
The Path to Victory: Godly Fear and Honor
Lesson 4 takes us through a profound reflection on the importance of fearing God and giving Him glory as outlined in Revelation. This lesson emphasizes the close connection between godly fear and obedience to His commandments, with grace not exempting us from the responsibility to do God’s will. It also highlights the importance of glorifying God in every aspect of life and underscores the role of faith in Jesus in overcoming life’s challenges. Ultimately, the lesson encourages leading a victorious life through faith in Jesus while preparing for Christ’s return.

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