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The Great Controversy Chapter 15 Part 1: The Bible and the French Revolution
– This week, Pastor Ted Wilson and his wife, Nancy, discuss Chapter 15 of The Great Controversy, “The Bible and the French Revolution,” in which the papal supremacy in France further suppresses scripture in France–all prophesied accurately in Revelation 11. The papal reign would also come to an end as foretold in Bible prophecy, and France would play a role.  –
The French army entered Rome and captured Pope Pius VI in 1798, where he remained until he died in captivity in August 1799–an event that struck a deadly wound to the papacy, and just as prophesied, the wound was later healed. As we continue our journey through The Great Controversy, we will see how the prophecy of Revelation 11 was exactly fulfilled in a very striking and alarming way.
To learn more about the “The Bible and the French Revolution” and how it relates to our present experience, read The Great Controversy by Ellen White at https://greatcontroversyproject.org/.

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