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The Great Controversy Chapter 14: Part 2: Later English Reformers
– This week, Pastor Ted Wilson continues the discussion of Chapter 14 of The Great Controversy, “Later English Reformers,” in which John Knox is brought before the queen of Scotland and charged with heresy. When speaking boldly before the queen, he had the opportunity to share the importance of God’s Word and interpret the Scriptures. Because of the bold testimony of John Knox and people like him, the Reformation gradually took hold in Scotland. –
John Bunyan, thrown into prison for preaching God’s Word and locked away for 12 years, began writing books, including the popularly influential Christian book, The Pilgrim’s Progress.
To learn more about the “Later English Reformers,” John Knox and John Bunyan, and how they relate to our present experience, read The Great Controversy by Ellen White at https://greatcontroversyproject.org/.

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