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Series PSALMS with Pastor Mark Finley  |
Lesson 8.Wisdom for Righteous Living  |
The eighth lesson focuses on the theme “Wisdom for a Righteous Way of Life,” beautifully depicted in the Psalms. This lesson takes us through a contemplation of various Psalms that teach us how to lead a life pleasing to God and filled with blessings. By analyzing Psalms such as Psalm 119, 90, 141, and others, we explore the meaning of God’s commandments, the challenges of our human existence, God’s trials, and the blessings of a godly way of life. This lesson will help us delve deeper into understanding a path of life characterized by wisdom, obedience, and blessings.
Memory Text: Psalm 90:12 – “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
8.1 Your Word I Have Hidden in My Heart
The significance of God’s commandments for our spiritual life is wonderfully illustrated in Psalm 119. It’s not just about following rules but about living a life in accordance with God’s will. This means walking with an blameless heart and developing a good discernment between good and evil. By keeping His commandments, we not only find peace but also protection from moral failure and temptations. God’s word is a guide for a fulfilled and godly life.
8.2 Teach Us to Number Our Days
Psalm 90 and related verses remind us that the human dilemma lies in our limitation and mortality. Our life is short and fraught with toils, and even the strong are comparatively weak. Yet, in this awareness lies the opportunity for wisdom and repentance. Through God’s grace and forgiveness, we can make proper use of our days and find hope, especially through Jesus, who offers us a way out of this predicament.
8.3 The Lord’s Test
God’s trials, as described in the Psalms, serve to test and strengthen the faith of His people. In moments like Meribah, where trust was lacking, the importance of obedience and trust in God’s guidance becomes evident. Through trials, doubts are to be dispelled, and trust is to be strengthened, as shown in the example of Joseph. Obedience to God’s command is crucial, as disobedience can lead to stubbornness and hardening of the heart.
8.4 Deceitfulness of the Wicked Way
Psalm 141 is a poignant prayer for protection from the allurements of evil, both from without and within. The psalmist recognizes the threat posed by the deceptions of the evil way and asks God to preserve his lips, heart, and actions. The verses underscore the progressive nature of temptation and the necessity to remain steadfast in trust in God to resist the temptations of evil.
8.5 Blessings of Righteous Living
The life of a righteous person who honors the Lord is rich in blessings, especially peace and prosperity. Psalm 1 compares the righteous to a strong tree planted by streams of water, bearing fruit, while Psalm 128 depicts sitting under one’s own vine and fig tree as a symbol of prosperity and security. These images convey the hope of an eternal communion with God and a future of peace and prosperity in the messianic kingdom.
8.6 Summary
The lesson “Wisdom for a Righteous Way of Life” guides us through various Psalms that illustrate the importance of a godly way of life. Psalm 119 emphasizes the importance of not only following God’s commandments but also keeping them in our hearts and living by them. The recognition of our limitation and mortality, as described in Psalm 90, leads us to repentance and hope for redemption through Jesus Christ. God’s trials are meant to strengthen our faith and align us with obedience to His will. Psalm 141 warns against the allurements of evil and emphasizes the need to remain steadfast in trust in God. Finally, Psalms like Psalm 1 and 128 show us the rich blessings promised to those who honor the Lord, including peace and prosperity in God’s kingdom. This lesson teaches us the importance of a godly way of life and reminds us that true wisdom lies in walking in God’s path.

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