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The thoughts on “Greater Love” emphasize the ongoing need in the world and the responsibility of each individual to assist others in their distress. The reference to John 15:13, where Jesus says there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for friends, serves as a guiding principle for Christian service.
The narrative of a missionary family engaging with their Hindu neighbors, following Jesus’ example, illustrates the importance of actively approaching others and making their lives a blessing. The call to make a friend by being a blessing emphasizes the need to look beyond one’s own horizons and consciously open up to the needs of others.
The challenge of turning a stranger into a friend is portrayed as not easy but rewarding. The call to prayer and seeking God’s help underscores the dependence on divine guidance and wisdom in this task. The emphasis is on building friendships and not just providing assistance but also leading the needy to God as the true Helper.
The concluding challenges encourage actively learning about other cultures and religions, specifically looking for individuals in one’s own environment to pray for and support. The questions at the end provide practical guidance to consciously think about how to implement Jesus’ example of serving as a friend in one’s own life practice.
Overall, the text urges going beyond one’s comfort zone, offering friendship and assistance, and actively seeking ways to lead people to Jesus. It is an encouragement to put “greater love” into action and thus concretely live out Jesus’ command to love one another.

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