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The account of friends bringing their helpless companion to Jesus is truly inspiring. It shows us that true friendship involves not only words but also actions. Despite facing obstacles, these men took responsibility for caring for their friend. This story reminds us that sometimes it requires creative and unconventional approaches to help people and lead them to Christ.
The faith and determination of these men are remarkable. They didn’t let difficulties discourage them but found an innovative way to bring their friend to Jesus. This challenges us to be creative in our own service and not give up when traditional methods fall short.
The text also underscores the importance of recognizing the needs of people around us and helping them, whether they are friends, neighbors, or strangers. Ellen White encourages us not to be passive but to proactively reach out to the needs of the helpless, distressed, and needy.
The call to lead people to Jesus, portrayed as the great Physician bringing forgiveness and healing, is an encouraging reminder that we can all contribute to improving the lives of others. The question at the end of the text, asking who around us needs help and what we will do for them, prompts reflection and encourages taking concrete steps to assist the needy and lead them to Christ.
May this text inspire us to be proactive, demonstrate our faith through actions, and support those around us in need.

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