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4.5 Help From the Sanctuary
Read Psalm 3:5; 14:7; 20:2–4; 27:5; 36:9; 61:5; and 68:6.36. Where does help come from in these verses?
The verses emphasize the help and refuge that come from the sanctuary. Here are some thoughts on each verse:
  1. Psalm 3:5:
    • The psalmist expresses confidence in God’s help, even during sleep. The sanctuary is a place where God’s protection is experienced.
  2. Psalm 14:7:
    • Zion is presented as the source of help and redemption. Deliverance comes from God, who resides in the sanctuary.
  3. Psalm 20:2–4:
    • This blessing invokes God’s help from the sanctuary. The request is heard from the sanctuary, and God responds.
  4. Psalm 27:5:
    • The imagery of God as a refuge in the sanctuary is vividly portrayed. It is a place of safety and security.
  5. Psalm 36:9:
    • The sanctuary is depicted as a source of living water and light. In God’s presence in the sanctuary, believers find true life and understanding.
  6. Psalm 61:5:
    • The psalmist longs to find refuge in God’s sanctuary. The imagery of God’s wings symbolizes protection and care.
  7. Psalm 68:6.36:
    • These verses emphasize that God in the sanctuary provides refuge and help for the needy, prisoners, and lonely.
In Hebrews 4:15–16, it is highlighted that we have a High Priest (Jesus Christ) who has been tempted like us but without sin. The reference to the throne of grace as a place of help and mercy aligns with the concept that help comes from the sanctuary. The sanctuary represents God’s grace through which we can experience deliverance and redemption.

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