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The story of Abraham, who was called by God to leave his land and people and move to another land, is an inspiring example of faith and obedience. God’s instruction to Abraham was undoubtedly a call to mission. Abraham was called to detach himself from his familiar surroundings and go where God wanted him. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey of faith.
In this story, we see that God had a plan for Abraham that extended far beyond the individual. God promised to make Abraham into a great nation, to bless him, and to make him a blessing to the whole world. This was not a selfish calling but a call to mission, to share God’s blessing and love with others. Abraham was chosen to be an instrument in God’s hand to bring blessing and salvation to all of humanity.
When we imagine that God is calling us without knowing where it leads, we should follow the example of Abraham. We should trust in God’s guidance and promises, even when we don’t know all the details. Faith and obedience are the keys to fulfilling God’s mission for our lives. When we are called by God, we should be willing to leave our comfort zone to fulfill His will and trust that He will lead us along the way. Our goal should be, like Abraham, to be a blessing to others and carry God’s love and grace into the world.

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