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The connection between the concept of judgment and the “eternal gospel” in the first angel’s message is of crucial importance and holds profound theological significance. Here are some key aspects of this connection:
  1. God’s Righteousness: Judgment is an expression of God’s righteousness. In judgment, God’s moral order is restored, and sin is addressed. The gospel, as a message of grace and redemption, is significant in that it provides a way out from condemnation through judgment.
  2. Testimony of Love: The connection of the gospel with judgment underscores God’s love. The gospel demonstrates that God loved the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son to save humanity (John 3:16). At the same time, judgment reminds us that God, in His love, also upholds justice and accountability.
  3. Preparation for Christ’s Second Coming: The gospel in connection with judgment emphasizes the urgency and seriousness of end-time events. The message of impending judgment calls people to prepare for the return of Christ. It serves as a reminder that our decisions in this world have consequences for our eternal future.
  4. Complete Redemption: The gospel in the context of judgment conveys the idea of complete redemption. It is not just a liberation from sin but also from the consequences of sin and future judgment. In Christ, we find forgiveness, healing, and the prospect of eternal life.
  5. Proclamation of Truth: The connection between the gospel and judgment challenges believers to proclaim the truth and to advocate for the preaching of the message of hope and warning about judgment. This is a service of love aimed at calling people to repentance.
In summary, the first angel’s message emphasizes that the gospel of eternal life and redemption must be proclaimed in the context of judgment to prepare people for the return of Christ and the final judgment. The connection of the gospel and judgment shows the balance between God’s love and justice and underscores the importance of the choices we make in this world for our eternal destiny.

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