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The Great Commission, to make disciples of people, is of central importance for Christian life and service. It impacts various areas:
  1. Lifestyle and Witness: The command to make disciples should influence our lifestyle and our testimony. We should align our daily lives to set an example for others and spread the message of Christ through our behavior.
  2. Teaching and Sharing: A significant aspect of making disciples is teaching. This requires a deep understanding of the teachings of Jesus and the ability to convey them to others. We can achieve this through Bible study, theological education, and a willingness to share our knowledge with others.
  3. Community and Inclusion: Introducing people to the community of believers is also crucial. We should encourage people to participate in worship, community events, and Bible studies. Integration into the Christian community is often the beginning of a discipleship process.
  4. Global Perspective: The Great Commission has a global perspective. It reminds us that the Gospel is intended for the whole world. This should encourage us to extend our reach beyond our immediate surroundings and engage in missionary activities, whether locally or internationally.
To become more involved in the Great Commission, we can do the following:
  1. Bible Study: Deepen our understanding of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus to better share them.
  2. Community: Build close relationships with people to guide and support them on their spiritual journey.
  3. Service: Be ready to help others practically and stand by them in difficult times to show the love of Jesus.
  4. Mission Work: Actively participate in missionary activities, whether in our community or by supporting missionary organizations.
  5. Prayer: Pray for those who have not yet heard the Gospel and ask God for wisdom and opportunities to make disciples.
The Great Commission is a call to dedication, service, and the spread of the Gospel. By committing to this mission, we contribute to expanding God’s kingdom and leading people to a life with Christ.

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