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The emphasis on the triune God as the origin of the mission is of central importance for our understanding of the Christian faith and our own role in the mission. This thought should console us in various ways:
  1. God’s perfect planning: The fact that God’s mission was planned from the very beginning by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit instills in us the confidence that it is based on divine wisdom and perfection. We can be certain that God’s mission is not a random endeavor but a well-thought-out divine plan.
  2. Community and cooperation: The Trinity also teaches us about the close collaboration and community among the three persons of God. This should comfort us, as we know that the mission is driven by a united God working in perfect unity. This encourages us to strive for similar collaboration and community in the Church.
  3. Certainty of fulfillment: Since the mission is rooted in divinity, we can be sure that it will not fail. God will complete His work because He is all-powerful and faithful. This should give us hope and confidence, even when there are challenges and difficulties in our world.
  4. Comforting redemption: The involvement of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the salvation of souls underscores the depth of divine love and care for us. It shows that God, in His entirety, is interested in our redemption, which should grant us comfort and peace.
In conclusion, in light of this truth, we should feel humble and fulfill our role in the mission with dedication and humility, knowing that we are part of a divine plan based on love, cooperation, and perfection.

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