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Jesus’ question in Luke 18:8, whether He will find faith on earth at His return, is profound and encourages us to reflect on the kind of faith Jesus seeks. The faith Jesus seeks is not merely superficial; it is a living, active faith that shines even in the midst of darkness.
The sections in Matthew and Mark that highlight people with great faith show that this faith can be found in unexpected places and in unusual people. The converted Gentile centurion, the friends who tear open the roof, blind Bartimaeus – they all demonstrate that faith knows no bounds. It can be present in a Gentile centurion as much as in a former blind man in a dark city.
However, it is also noteworthy that even among God’s people, especially in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, faith could be limited or even absent. Jesus refers to His own community as “little faith” and “unbelieving and perverse generation.” This reminds us that faith is not guaranteed by external affiliation or tradition.
The application for today lies in realizing that faith is not confined to specific places, nations, or religious backgrounds. Faith can shine in cities, among foreigners, heathens, and people of other religions. Therefore, as followers of Christ, we are called to humbly go into the cities, just as Jesus did, and seek those who, when they hear the truth, will respond with a saving faith in Jesus. It requires an attitude of humility, openness, and love to recognize and nurture faith in the most unexpected places and people.
Challenge: Open your heart in prayer for a greater measure of faith to share your love with people near and far.
Dear Heavenly Father,
I come before you in humility, bringing my heart and soul to you. You know the depths of my being and my desire to experience more of your faith within me. Today, I am challenged to open my heart in prayer for a greater measure of faith to share your love with people near and far.
I acknowledge that my faith is often limited, and sometimes I let external circumstances, prejudices, or comfort influence me. Yet, I long to believe as the people in the Scriptures who shone in their diversity and unwavering faith. Let your Holy Spirit work in my heart and deepen my faith.
Help me penetrate the darkness around me with the light of your love. Open my eyes to the people seeking hope, whether nearby or in distant lands. May my heart be sensitive to the needs of those I might have overlooked.
I pray for a greater measure of faith that empowers me to boldly go into the cities without being guided by prejudices or fears. May my faith be strong enough to embrace the challenges of mission in the cities and carry your love to people of any origin, nationality, or religion they belong to.
Father, I trust that you hear and answer my prayer. May your Spirit work in me and make me a tool of your love and faith. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
Challenge Plus: How did you come to know Jesus and the precious Three Angels’ Messages? List three spiritual blessings you have received from Jesus in your life. Prepare to talk about it on Sabbath.
Getting to know Jesus: Many people come to know Jesus in various ways, whether through personal Bible studies, worship services, Christian communities, or personal conversion experiences. The relationship with Jesus can deepen over time and be strengthened through prayer, Bible study, and community.
Getting to know the Three Angels’ Messages: The Three Angels’ Messages are a central doctrine in Adventist theology. They are based on the biblical texts Revelation 14:6–12 and proclaim the eternal good news calling for repentance and pointing to the upcoming judgment and the second coming of Christ.
Three spiritual blessings from Jesus:
  1. Salvation and Forgiveness: Through faith in Jesus as my Redeemer, I have experienced the blessing of forgiveness of my sins and the assurance of eternal salvation.
  2. God’s Presence in Prayer: The opportunity to have a personal relationship with God through prayer is a blessing that provides peace, comfort, and guidance in various life situations.
  3. Fellowship of Believers: The Christian community, where people encourage, support, and experience God’s love together, is a blessing made possible by Jesus.
If you want to talk about this on Sabbath, remember that it is important to speak authentically about your personal experiences and how your faith and relationship with Jesus have influenced your life. Share the blessings you have found in your faith journey and encourage others to share their personal experiences as well.

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