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The account in Acts 17:24–34 vividly illustrates how Paul skillfully engages with the culture and beliefs of the Athenians to create a bridge for the Gospel. Here are some key aspects of his testimony:
  1. Use of Their Authors: Paul quotes some of the Athenians’ own authors who had written something closely aligned with biblical truth. This demonstrates an impressive understanding of the culture and education of his audience. Using their own beliefs created a common ground and made it easier for Paul to take them on their own spiritual journey.
  2. Seeking Common Ground: Paul leverages the commonalities he finds with the Athenians to establish a connection and then lead them a step further. This emphasizes the importance of seeking intersections and shared beliefs in evangelism to create a bridge for the Gospel.
  3. Focus on the Resurrection of Jesus: After establishing common ground, Paul leads people to the central point of his testimony: the resurrection of Jesus and the hope it offers. The resurrection of Christ is presented as verifiable evidence underpinning the foundation of the Christian faith.
  4. Diverse Reactions: Reactions to Paul’s message were varied. Some scoffed, others wanted to hear more, and some believed. This underscores that people react differently to the message, but it is crucial that they at least have the opportunity to hear and understand it.
  5. Openness to Investigation: Paul allowed people to decide for themselves whether to reject the message or further investigate. Some chose the latter option and became followers of Jesus.
Overall, this account provides an inspiring lesson on how important it is to leverage cultural knowledge, seek common ground, and present the message of the Gospel skillfully to take people on a spiritual journey. Paul’s approach shows that people are more willing to listen when they feel that their culture and beliefs are respected.
Challenge: Please pray for God’s special guidance so that you recognize how best to testify to someone familiar to you.
Prayer: Heavenly Father, I come before you and ask for your special guidance as I contemplate how best to testify to someone from my circle of acquaintances. You know the heart of this person and their needs better than I do. Lead me so that my words and actions are permeated with your love and truth. Grant me wisdom and insight to recognize the best ways to share the Gospel. May your Holy Spirit prepare both my heart and the heart of my acquaintance. I trust that you will work in this relationship. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
Challenge Plus: Explore social media as a possible “Areopagus” where you can represent the Gospel to non-Christians with the clarity and sobriety of Paul.
As I prepare to share the Gospel on social media, I pray for your special guidance, O Lord. Let me exhibit your clarity and sobriety in dealing with my posts. Help me understand the language of people on this “Areopagus” and find ways to convey your love and truth in a relevant way for them. May my words be characterized by respect and love, and open the hearts of people to the Gospel. May your Spirit be effective in social media, drawing people to you. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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