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“The God who continues to be with us” highlights how the life and ministry of Jesus represent the ultimate revelation of God. In Jesus, God’s missionary nature was fully revealed. He was the “image of the invisible God,” and in Him, “God’s fullness dwelt.” Jesus revealed His mission by stating that He had come to seek and save the lost.
John 3:16 clearly demonstrates the intertwining of God’s love and mission. In this verse, it says that God loved the world so much that He sent His Son to offer salvation and eternal life. This shows that God’s love for humanity is the driving force behind His mission. He sent Jesus to redeem the world and save those who were lost. These two aspects, love and mission, are inseparably connected.
The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18–20 reaffirms Jesus’ mission to send His disciples into the world to make disciples of all nations. The promise contained in this command provides assurance as we engage in God’s mission. Jesus promises to be with us “always, to the very end of the age.” This means that we are never alone in our missionary work. God’s presence and support are always with us, giving us the confidence that we can successfully carry out His mission.
Personally, I experience the fulfillment of this promise when I engage in God’s mission, feeling His presence and guidance accompanying me. There is comfort and assurance in knowing that God is with us in every step of our missionary efforts, helping us carry His love and message into the world. This strengthens faith and encourages us to be courageous and steadfast in fulfilling God’s mission.

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